Tree Maintenance

At American Made Tree Service, Inc. we love the idea of holding onto the relationships we establish with our customers and seeing them face to face every year! With this being said, we have launched a program that no other tree service offers, our tree trimming maintenance program. This program allows American Made Tree Service to establish and hold onto valuable relationships with its customers and offer tree trimming at a discounted rate, in comparison to our original visit.

Why is this maintenance program beneficial you may ask?

  • Prevents injury or other liabilities that come with having trees on the property. Do you have children, or visitors that you care about? By trimming your trees and taking the responsibility to maintain them, you are PREVENTING the likelihood of a tree related incident from occurring. Incidents such as small limbs falling (as small as a golf ball) often can cause serious injury and some times death. By taking the appropriate measures you can drastically change the odds of this occurring at your property.

  • Discounted rates.

    By continually maintaining your tree’s year after year, American Made Tree Service is able to save you money!! After the original quote is approved, American Made Tree Service will be able to tell you how much it will cost year after year to maintain the trimming that was performed based off of the original quote. Not only will you have a recurring job every year to maintain the trimming at a discounted rate, American Made will also come out and give you an honest opinion if there is anything additional that needs to be done at the property. If for some reason there are additional items, we will then quote it separate and see if you would like to perform the recommendations in addition to what’s included in the program.

Damage to your personal property:

By maintaining your trees you will also be saving big bucks on property damage. Are you sick of the trees rubbing against your house or roof? Often times people have to spend thousands of dollars to have a roof replaced because trees are causing too much moisture. By trimming the trees off the roof and then continually trimming them every year, you will expand the life of the roof which is money back in your pocket!