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Commercial Tree Services in Livonia and Nearby Cities

American Made Tree Service is one of the upcoming leaders in tree care, for commercial buildings in Michigan.  The reason why American Made is trusted for commercial work is because we are a fully insured company, that has invested in the right equipment to eliminate property damage and perform the job to the best of our ability. With our 72′ spider lift we are able to get in the spots other tree services cannot. The 72′ lift not only eliminates liability but also gives the American Made team the ability to take the proper amount, with out taking too much or too little from the tree. By keeping these tree away from your buildings, you will be preventing damage to the building caused by animals or other factors related to the neglect of maintaining trees which will in turn, save you money!

Row of trees outside of a school
Experienced, Respectful Crew

"They took down an 80ft, 60+ year old willow tree that was in danger of falling on my home. The tree was taken down with care and they were done in a few hours!"

Tom Stoner
Would Recommend to Anyone

"The crew was very coordinated. They shaped and pruned my tree exactly as I pictured. Thanks for the great job. I would recommend your company to anyone."

Randy Bhirdo
Very Professional, Friendly, and Respectful

"The team arrived on schedule and they were all very professional, friendly, and respectful. They did a great job, even cleaned up everything before they left.😀 I will be hiring them for any future jobs..."

Elizabeth Smith
Workers Were so Kind

"I would highly recommend American Made. The workers were so kind, quick, and their clean up was immaculate. Their communication was excellent and Mike was very prompt coming out to give us an estimate."

Danielle Petroff
Staff Were Very Professional

"American Made Tree Company came with a complete staff to do the job.  Kyle was the on-site manager and he and his staff were very professional, polite and accommodating."

Brenda Johnson
Excellence and Integrity

"We would highly recommend this tree service for any and all jobs you may need done.Thanks to the owner, his crew and office staff for a job with excellence and integrity."

Susan Tassell
Great Bunch of Guys

"Great bunch of guys! Truly an enjoyable experience. Considering the wind and weather conditions they got the job done safely and efficiently. I would recommend them to everyone!"

Robert Clark
Would Definitely Call Again

"If I ever had to have any tree removed or trimmed. I would definitely call them again. They cleaned up very good. They got it done very quick. It looks like a whole different backyard. Thank you guys so much."

Janice Ellerholz-Helton
On-Time and Fast

"We had a great experience from start to finish with this company! We found them providing services to our neighbors home and seen how great the work was. From initial inquiry we were serviced just within a couple weeks!"

Amber McLean
They are Incredible

"This is the 3rd time I’ve used American Made Tree Service and they are incredible!!! They are super nice, professional and quick."

Todd Weishaus
American Made Tree truck


Loyal to the people we service, people we work with as a team and American Made. The better we serve, and the more we take care of American Made, any dream is possible (professionally or personally).

Go The Extra Mile

How you do one thing is how you do everything. Go above and beyond.

Stay Humble

Everyone matters equally at American Made. No one person is better than the other. Together we are all equally important.

Take Initiative

A team where everyone participates and takes action, is a team that succeeds.

Be Selfless

Help others accomplish their goals and dreams, and you'll never have to worry about not accomplishing your own.

Believe In The Vision

Personally and professionally, what is your vision? What is American Made to you?

Work Together As A Team

Business and work is no different than sports, know your position and work together as a team.

Never Give Up, Never Quit

We would rather try and fail, than never try at all.

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